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Are you surprised Best Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth ? There is nothing to be surprised because the ILM Company brings your Bluetooth helmet market to your advantage. As long as people are getting more modern and better. Currently, this Bluetooth motorcycle helmet market created by the ILM Company has discussed the market and added a new chapter. It is a very modern and very high-quality built-in Bluetooth motorcycle helmet. Since you have a motorcycle and have a helmet with it. Many times you feel annoyed with your used helmet. The roads of the country are also very bad condition and we feel shaken across the road while riding on motorcycles, and the normal helmet you have with you feels a bit shaky and slightly hurt on your head. Which is a very bad thing for you. So this Bluetooth motorcycle helmet reviews will help you determine the right and best helmet.

Summary Of Best Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth :

ILM is among the most popular companies. This ILM Company’s Best Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth has gained widespread popularity now. It’s a very sturdy and flip-up helmet that covers your face completely. Very nice and it is made with modern design. It also looks stylish, which is completely different from your other helmet.  This motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth built-in with some excellent features. Its specific features will affect you to buy it. Also, its freedom creates a suitable mobile phone and also sports a nice Bluetooth unit based on it. This Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is modern and it’s an advertised 1000ft that you keep in mind. Also, its Bluetooth range is very nice and tall order. After this Bluetooth helmet comes into the market, the use of the freedom’s button and the dial interface with it decreases considerably.3.0 technology through built-in Bluetooth motorcycle helmet.

Best Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Excellent features:

Best Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth

ILM Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth

  • Best Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth is a very attractive one helmet at the moment. This Bluetooth helmet has been used in 3.0 technology. You will get 110 hours standby and 4 hours talk time. It includes adjustable vents and fully washable and microfiber liner.
  • Through Bluetooth motorcycle helmet, you can call answering very easily. Because you only need one-touch control for this call answering. You can also easily redialing and rejecting easily. You can find out more about this Bluetooth motorcycle helmet reviews including music, FM, incoming phone call interconnections and GPS navigation audio benefit.
  • This ILM Company supports motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth rider intercom maximum 1000 feet riders. It also includes two high-quality speakers and these speakers will give you complete stereo sound.
  • It includes DSP Echo Cancellation and there is also more noise suppression technology which gives you high speed and high-quality voice.
  • Bluetooth motorcycle helmets for sale standard and the security standards between its DOT and ECE fill very nice or both exceed.

Important Product information

bilt motorcycle helmets with bluetoothTechnical Details

Brand: ILM

Item Weight: 4.4 pounds

Product Dimensions:  13.8 x 10.2 x 9.8 inches

Item model number: 953

Batteries: 1 Lithium Metal batteries required.

Manufacturer Part Number: 953-MB-M

Folding: No

CAPA Certified:  DOT Certified

Vehicle Service Type:  All of the above

Safety Rating: DOT Certified


Top customer questions and answers:

best bluetooth motorcycle helmet 2018

Question: If I bought two helmets and my wife connected her phone much too hers and I connect my phone too mine, can we still intercom talk with each other?

Answer: Yes. We could both do it, but it did glitch out on us a time or two and we had to reconnect with each other. You just answer a call, it disconnects you from your spouse while you are on the phone and reconnects about three seconds after you end your call. You can’t listen to music on your phone and still be connected helmet to helmet, however.

Question: What shape head does this helmet fit? Does Intermediate oval, long oval, or round oval?

Answer: I have no idea what shape our heads are, but if I had to guess, I would say intermediate oval. My husband and I both ordered these and our friend and his wife ordered them as well, who, I would guess, have more rounds oval heads. He and I put a few miles on these helmets and they seemed to press too tightly at the very top front of the skull (just past the forehead). He took his Dremel and reamed them both out in that place just a bit, cut out a piece of the padding that came with the helmet and added it to the top of the helmet under the lining and they are wonderful and the best helmets we have had. Our friends like theirs just as they came. We took a three days bike ride together (even, through a crazy big rainstorm) and have no complaints whatsoever. We could only pair two helmets together (we were hoping to pair all four) but for the price, we are super satisfied.

How does Bluetooth fit work?

You have already heard the Bluetooth name but you probably do not know how it works correctly. So now I will tell you how it works. An active Bluetooth device and Bluetooth radio and it contain software that is fitted with a small computer chip which can easily connect with other Bluetooth devices. It creates a small network and is generally referred to like a pic connect. Can use Bluetooth devices to share information and share a connection with each other. ILM company Bluetooth motorcycle helmet easily connects to your mobile phone. Also its Bluetooth technology 3.0

Benefits of this Best Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth

best bluetooth motorcycle helmet 2019

5 stars Great Bluetooth Speaker Clarity at High Speeds and Feels Great Overall.Super nice helmet for the money

  • Good Airflow of this Best Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth
  • A bit noisy on the Highway but can hear the music perfectly this Bluetooth helmet.
  • Bluetooth works well and is easy to use this motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth.
  • Speakers are very clear even at high speeds so these Bluetooth motorcycle helmets for sale are the best.
  • Modular Face rises high enough to be comfortable
  • The visor works well but is a little warped and isn’t clear as the clear visor
  • Can Fog up is climate is hot and sitting at a light
  • Microphone sound is hard for others to understand what you are saying. The hearing is good, talking is poor.

My opinion

My Forehead measurement is about 22 1/2 – 23″ around. The helmet does fit tight but you don’t feel it when your riding. The tightness does help to hear the speakers very well and not shift around when going fast. I’ve taken it 90 mph and felt very aerodynamic. Speakers at that speed were still clear. I also have the sound of the Harley Davidson motor working against me. Totally worth the money.Third helmet in 8 years of riding, second Bluetooth helmet and by far the best for the price point

Top Customer Reviews

motorcycle helmets

This helmet is awesome!

My first helmet was a Harley brand modular with a flat black finish that eventually became sticky and I just couldn’t accept it anymore. My second helmet was a HAWK Bluetooth helmet because I thought it would be nice to listen to music or even maybe make low-speed phone calls or accept calls at least while on the bike – nope, that didn’t work. The HAWK was junk. The visor hinge broke in the first couple days, the helmet was very loud (wind noise) so I couldn’t even hear music at moderate interstate speeds, and phone calls couldn’t be heard and couldn’t understand me above 25mph.

This helmet feels like great quality, strong hinges, loudspeakers, quiet when riding on the interstate, and I didn’t even know or see that it has FM RADIO built-in was not I surprised this morning on my first ride with it and paired my phone and before I did much, a local radio station starts playing…even better!! Yes, I love it, I want another one for my wife when I start taking her on more rides. Comfortable, quiet, and awesome functions.

Wonderful Quick shipping:

motorcycle helmet with bluetooth built in

It only took 6 days to receive it from the day I purchased it. It wasn’t supposed to come for another month so what a wonderful surprise for my hubby. He absolutely loves this and loves that he doesn’t have to wear sunglasses since it comes with another visor inside. Bluetooth works absolutely fabulous. Definitely, recommend.


Finally, I can say this is one of the best helmets in the best motorcycle helmet Bluetooth market. Very nice and stylish. Also, its modern design has made it more interesting. A bit noisy on the highway you can also listen to this Bluetooth helmet music smoothly and perfectly. You can also easily answer your mobile phone, which is simply a touch though. And you also calculate the correct helmet through this Bluetooth motorcycle helmet reviews that it is best for you. So buy it now without delay.

bluetooth helmet

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