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This best helmet for mountain biking for Team Obsidian company helmet is very nice. This open-face helmet for mountain biking has been used very well. These MTB helmets open face consumer product in the United States and it is approved by a Safety Commission (CPSC). It includes an intelligent design which helps it to be a high-quality helmet. This mountain bike helmets look very nice on your head and it feels great.

These mountain bike helmet reviews give you the right directions to determine the correct helmet. These best mountain bike helmets are very sleek and elegant. This helmet offers you maximum protection for protecting you from accidents and big enough and thin. It is also very nice to see it.

These mountain bike helmets have been using the high-quality OVAL equipment. It has also been used in the shaped design and excellent matte finish.

Description of this best helmet for mountain biking:

One of the reasons for buying this best helmet for mountain biking is its sleek look and with it shiny cheap. These MTB helmets open face gives you comfort and keeps you away from uncomfortable. You can use this best mountain bike helmets in town, street or mountain. This open face helmet for mountain biking is very nice. It keeps your head cooler than another helmet during the summer. It has the advantage of air circulation. PADS in this mountain bike helmets are included because it helps keep the helmet clean. For proper ventilation, a solid construction ABS SKELETON is made, which is unchanged.

It really fits and is a nice helmet. Team Obsidian Company has created a helmet for both men and women. Which you can buy very easily if you want. So you can easily select the helmet according to your choice.

More detailed description of this Mountain Bike Helmet:

Select the best helmet for mountain biking right because the right helmet protects you from major accidents. The cheap plastic helmet gives you little protection. So this helmet gives full protection to the MTB helmets open face and it is firmly made. The helmets made by Team Obsidian Company in mountain bike helmets are very nice. It’s a top quality helmet and these mountain bike helmet reviews give you the right ideas.

It is very easy to maintain and it gives you comfort. This mountain bike helmets for sale is the best place in the market. It is delicate and very soft chin pads which give you protection against the flat quality level of the qualities. These mountain bike helmets are thin and easy to clean. Also its plus, and its washable and eco-friendly pads help keep your favorite helmet new and clean.

Additional Information

Brand: TeamObsidian

Label: TeamObsidian

Manufacturer: TeamObsidian

MPN: Bike Helmet

Package Dimensions: 709, hundredths-inches, 1240, hundredths-inches, 98, hundredths-pounds, 906,   hundredths-inches

Part Number: Bike Helmet

Product Group: Sports

Product Type Name: Outdoor Recreation Product.

Publisher: TeamObsidian

Studio: TeamObsidian

Color 1 Pack: Matte BLACK, 1 Pack: Matte WHITE

Size: M-L -> for 58-62cm head circumferences, S -> for 54-57cm head circumferences.

Best Customer Questions and Answers:

Question: Is this helmet certified or rated for impact in any way? I see no labels on my new purchase to indicate if it meets any minimum standards.

Answer: This helmet had no safety standard stickers inside from the US CPSC, didn’t find any info that the helmet has been tested and passed by an independent testing body. I returned it and bought a CPSC laboratory tested and approved helmet that has a printed sticker on the helmet with a serial number saying it passed the CPSC government tests.

Question: Is it safe to assume that your average male should order a large?

Answer: Hello and Thank You for asking.

Although M/L fits MOST MALE heads, I would still recommend you to measure your head using the Size Chart directions (can be found between the pictures). It only takes 2 minutes to measure your head and this will ensure that you choose the right size, which might actually be M/L.

Size Chart For MTB Helmet

Size Chart

Maybe a real example would help – my head circumference is 58 cm (I have an average European male head, it is in my experience smaller than the average American male head) and I get a perfect fit with S/M size. The M/L fits me well with a small adjustment from the back knob, with the difference that it is a little wider on the sides, not a big inconvenience actually.

Mountain Bike Helmet

Mountain Bike Helmet

I hope I was able to answer your question. Please remember that we offer a PERFECT FIT GUARANTEE and your order will be refunded if you don’t absolutely LOVE your helmet!


Question: Where is the size chart? Why should I spend 5 minutes on a page reading everything, click all the photos and read all the Q&As and still not know?

Answer: There is no size chart, it has a rotary adjustment knob in the back and it works very well. I am 5’2″ and weigh 145 and the small-medium fits perfectly. I did not want to wear a helmet but found this one and I love it! The visor on the front is amazing also, it keeps the sun from frying my face.

Mountain bike helmets features

  • SAFETY meets LOOKS – Mountain bike helmets provide you maximum security. Discover a great and high-quality helmet on your head. These MTB helmets full face is big enough and is very slim and looks good. It’s sleek and elegant. TeamObsidian Company has developed this helmet IN-MOULD with advanced techniques. This company’s bicycle helmet is not like another company’s helmet. Well, this helmet protects you from ventilated, feather-light and durable times.
  • SHOCK ABSORPTION TECHNOLOGY – This best mountain bike helmets will give you maximum security which you do not need any thinking about. If you want to get a solid helmet then you can safely purchase it. It also has a smooth matte finish and all of the great ventilation. The best helmet for mountain biking in-mold technology has been used. It is a reinforced skeleton and an art cycle helmet.

This helmet is indeed the best and fit

This TeamObsidian Company brings the two-size helmet to the market. You will find these two colors in white and black. You can choose your preferred mountain bike helmets in these two sizes. The two sizes S and M / L are very nicely patented by each of these companies and it is equipped with the regular system. For your convenience, we have presented the customer’s important reviews to you. Currently, it is a very popular helmet.


Top positive review

Light and cool!

I ordered this helmet a few months ago, and I really like it. I ride my bike between 25 and 50 miles (both on and off-road) every weekend and having a good helmet is very important to me. This helmet fits well, looks good, and keeps my head cool. It is really lightweight and I usually forget that I have it on, which is a nice upgrade from my last helmet that was heavy and hot. I have not had a wreck on my bike since I bought this helmet, but it seems built well enough to protect my head if I do have a wreck.


Easy to adjust for a great fit

I was given this product to review in exchange for an honest review. As we know, the most important thing about a helmet would be how it protects you in a crash, however, that is not something I can testify to for this review. What I can tell you about is some of the features: This helmet comes in two sizes, S/M and M/L (see the provided chart from the manufacturer to determine the best size for you). The steps are quality, easy to adjust, feel nice to the touch (no starching or itching) and lay flat against your cheek.

The knob at the back of the helmet aids in tightening the helmet to a better fit. The easy use of the straps and adjustment knob made it easy and fast to get a great fit, which is something that I have struggled with on other helmets. This helmet also has great ventilation, making longer bike rides more enjoyable. I love that the company is willing to stand behind their product; If you are unsatisfied for ANY reason, you can contact them for a replacement or a full refund of your entire purchase price. Ordering from Amazon was easy and fast.


Finally, I can say it is the best helmet for mountain biking. Because it is currently one of the best mountain bike helmets. These MTB helmets open face helmet is made entirely in the United States. This mountain bike helmets look as beautiful and also it is light. You can clean it very easily. You’ll find this helmet in the two-size market. This is a very an ideal helmet that you definitely want to use. You can use it on mountain or street. It also has the advantage of air flow movement.

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